Vocational Services

Our vocational experts are well trained, credentialed and experienced in vocational assessment, assessment of earning capacity, vocational rehabilitation and a variety of related services.

Southern Rehab is a reliable partner when you need one. We provide a variety of services to assist with:

  • Disability determination including earning capacity, and access or loss of access to the labor market
  • Vocational rehabilitation of an injured person including assessment and assistance with job placement

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Vocational Case Management:

Open-ended vocational services that includes assessment and regular meetings for counseling, job seeking, skills training, and job search and development. The program is completely customizable according to needs of each person.

Assessment Only:

The most basic of services necessary in the workers’ compensation process. It involves only one meeting with a report submitted within 10 working days.

Labor Market Survey:

Time limited snapshot of opportunities for employment within the worker’s labor market. Contact with the worker is not necessary, but may be desirable.

Job Analysis:

A visit to a job site to analyze a specific task  resulting in a formal report.  There is also communication with all  parties involved and physicians as appropriate.

Ergonomic Assessment (ERG):

A certified ergonomic assessor examines the work space and processes to improve fit between worker and job site.

Extended Occupational Assessment (EOA):

When you want to know more. EOA’s require extra time, research and several contacts with the parties before a report is completed. The report will contain an opinion about employability with and without intervention.

Highway to Success (H2S):

When regular contact with meaningful activity is indicated. Whether daily, weekly or biweekly, activities may include job seeking skills training, job search assignments, vocational counseling and job development. This is appropriate for the worker who is literate and has access to a telephone.

Vocational Impact Program (VIP):

When you need predictable time and costs. Initial assessment and nine meetings for counseling, job seeking skills training and job search. This may include telephone contacts between meetings.

Job Coaching (JC):

Case manager shadows worker through training and work assignments for a limited time period. This helps assure a successful return to work.

Vocational Expert Services for Litigation:

Vocational experts prepare reports that are reliable and offer expert testimony (depositions or trial).  Our experts are able to pass the Daubert test at trial and offer consistence, sound, respected information related to your case.

When to call on a vocational expert:

  • Disability determination including earning capacity and access or lost of access to the labor market
  • Determine earning capacity, transferable job skills, vocational aptitude and interest, job placement possibilities/assistance vocational training needs, and associated costs in litigation, malpractice, divorce, and employment law cases
  • Vocational rehabilitation of an injured person including assessment and assistance with job placement

Long Term Disability:

Our experienced vocational specialists are Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC) and are ready to assist with LTD vocational services for claimants to include vocational assessment, job placement, vocational evaluation, transferable skills analysis, and labor market surveys.